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There is a revolution going in group, solo and adventure travel!


Imagine this. You find yourself 'solo' with time on your hands. You find a great deal to Miami but want to find someone to hang with or share expenses. Maybe even find that kindred spirit that might turn into something more....

You've just defined LetsVous.com - Everybody Rendezvous!

LetsVous is a devoted to Solo and Group Travel – from connecting potential partners for friendship,romance or adventure to organizing Group travel, broadcasting your news and even receiving discounts based on traveling in numbers from the travel industry.

Each member can track their travels using a GoogleMap interface, create Blogs and micro sites on their activity and quickly update their friends or alert potential partners using Twitter like features.

The key to the site's usefulness is it's matching technology. Member's requests are immediately broadcast across the Internet using over a dozen different processes. Not only are the requests inside the LetsVous closed member database, but resonated on popular sites like Facebook, GoogleMaps, MySpace, Digg, etc to connect people - fast!




These innovative Internet broadcasting technologies are dedicated to bringing individuals or groups together – or presenting your groups for travel companies to bid on your business.

We provide the venue - thousands pf people looking to connect. While individuals are ‘coming together’ to share and exchange ideas, the platform’s broadcast technologies are resonating in multiple waves those very ideas across the globe.



Lets Vous

Take action by getting your friends, family and colleagues involved with LetsVous. Use our Refer A Friend module to get the rest of your group a great deal!  'refer a friend' page.

The LetsVous Team.

Who is LetsVous.com? LetsVous.com is part of the WebStager Group of companies. WebStager.com is a digital marketing and design firm specializing in unique messaging applications and specialty social networking platforms using it's own collaboration, broadcasting and amplification intellectual property.

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